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About Us

How it began

Modern online advertising for the first time we realized in the autumn of 2009, when the operation began online services HelpTraffic, the first we have specialized for advertising in newspapers. We started as a small team of four people in a small office in Vienna.

At HelpTraffic, we have partnered with one of the largest traffic networks and segmented thousands of websites into categories. We are now able to offer traffic from this network at low prices and deliver the most niche targeted traffic at a cost effective price. We will not settle for anything less than perfect. Your business is important to us and we will review each and every campaign manually and try to optimize it so you can get the best results. With the strength of our network we can deliver any amount of visitors at any given time.

Web services HelpTraffic  was created as a realization of the ideas that enable customers to a comfortable, friendly and safe online advertising.

We have set a clear goal: we want to create a friendly online services, providing a truly comfortable purchasing and quality service as we knew them from online providers across the Atlantic. We did not want to say that we are also affordable, although our online prices are always very competitive.

In the first year we had a really unexpected response, as we have seen about 1,800 customers (interestingly, today more than so many orders we accept every two months).

The second year of operations was even more successful, as we have tripled the number of orders and this has encouraged us that we continue to trade intensively developed.

We've worked hard to ensure we're the best website traffic provider on the internet. You can rest assure that our traffic is the real deal, we will never send nothing but real visitors to your website so you will get the best results and stay with us. We are aware of the competition out there we are confident that we are the best.

Well, HelpTraffic is built on honesty and integrity. We started this business in the beginning of advertising technology and currently serve a few hundred of satisfied customers around the world. We are professionals and a lot of our customers are REPEAT customers.

By buying traffic through us, we will guarantee that you get the best traffic purchase with only top level professionalism and integrity. This means that no spam techniques or black hat tricks will be used, or other dishonest means will be used to get you your web traffic. You order 30,000 targeted niche visitors from HelpTraffic, this means that you will get 30,000 website visitors coming to your site. The price is right for this top quality, website traffic. Ordering is quick and easy, and you will leave all the work to us.